Rad Music International Cultural Club was founded on June 20th in 2018 by Rouddy Kimpioka, an asylum seeker living on the Island of Lesvos, who is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo/ Kinshasa.

”The idea to create Rad Music International came in my mind because of the living conditions inside Moria Refugee Camp. There was not communication between refugees, not connection between refugees, volunteers  and locals, it was difficult to interact with people or talk to them. We were living in a small open prison and I was looking for ways to help refugees and connect them with locals. At first it wasn’t easy but with a lot of motivation and determination we come closer to our goal each day.”

Rouddy Kimpioka

About Us

RAD Music International is a Cultural Club that aims to support refugees on the island of Lesvos and all around Greece. In various ways we are fighting for human rights and common ground values that should apply to every asylum seeker in Europe. We stand in unity with refugees to defend and demand respect for their rights as human beings.

As Rad Music International we believe that music and dance are especially powerful weapons in this fight to reach people all over the world and raise awareness on refugees’ problems.
Rad Music International was created in June 2018 with the goal of bringing refugees, locals and volunteers together. The integration of refugees in our cultural and musical activities had a huge personal impact on them but in the meantime also strengthened us in our mission.

Today Rad Music International is an example of how refugees can contribute in meaningful ways to society.


Rad Music International started with dance activities. People were living in the Refugee Camp of Moria searched for a way to forget their many problems, just for a little while. Dance is perfect for that, as it helps not only with physical but also with mental health issues and connects people in a creative way.

After a few months, musicians joined the group and our music journey started.

In 2020, the conditions in the New Refugee Camp of Kara Tepe/Moria 2 lead us to create the Community School of Rad Music International. Since then we offer weekly educational programs in our office.


Our Goal

Rad Music International’s aim is to support refugees and to fight for human rights and basic values regarding the lives of refugees and asylum seekers on the island of Lesvos.

We will all stand united to defend and demand respect for the rights of human beings. With our music and dancing we try to raise attention to this topic all over the world.

The main GOALS of RAD Music International:
1. Fighting for human rights

2. Connecting people from different cultures and countries through music and dance

3. Supporting refugees in basic need and with social and Cultural activities

4. Bringing back  joy, hope and motivation to desplace
5. Integrate refugees into the European society

Our Team

Rouddy Kimpioka

The Founder / CEO

Bienvenu Mateba

Executive Manager

Andrea Vetsch


Our Partners

In Collaboration