After one year of of our Education activities to the children of Moria Camp, the situation on the island has change, most of the family were relocated to the mainland. We continue our activities with Adults in our Cultural Center, to contributed to pre-integration program on the island. languages is the KEY of communication between the community. many community are in the island, the has luck of communication.

We provide  languages to everyone :

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Lingala
  • Portuguese
  • Greek

Since we started it, many people has got languages knowledges. and we still continue! We have our amazing  volunteer community are supporting to volunteering for languages. After some months in our new space, We  organised a small celebration to give to our students the certification of participation of their classes. The students will show us different activities that they have learnt together with their teachers. The day will close with the awarding of certificates.

English Lesson


Many of our beneficiary from the  Camp are coming every single day to learn English, I shared with them, why is important for them to learn English. Our volunteers are doing the best to teach them English. we are happy that there is improvement of our Students. from the first time they start to come in our space!

German &French Lesson

As most of the people on move have different destination! they learn German to be ready maybe they will arrive to German or to France  to start new life.


Rad education offers school for African refugee children which reside inside the Moria Camp, located on the island of Lesbos in Greece. RAD education was created after the Moria Camp burned down.

Greece is a country that hosts thousand of migrants due to its location at the European external border. The greek education system is not strong enough to accommodate the rising numbers of refugees in public schools. That is why Rad eduction’s aim is to teach refugee children basic knowledge.

There are many problems that prevent refugees from not integrating in Greece, and among its difficulties, education comes first. Greece has not put in place a static education system that will help immigrants and refugees who reach their soil at the end of their journey to Europe. there is an almost remarkable lack of unicef ​​activity here on the island of lesbos, and even throughout greece, as indicated in the declaration of the child’s right to education. of the rights of the child was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on November 20, 1959 in resolution 1387 (XIV). … It already contains its main principles such as the principle of equality and non-discrimination between all children ”.

It is understandable for adults, but not rather for children, a child who arrives in Europe, he is stranded in the Greek islands, remains more than two years without going to school. And nobody talks about it, there are only local or European private organizations that support refugee children in their education.

This is one of the reasons why refugees flee Greece and go to different countries in Northern Europe.

New cooperation of Mobile Academy is with Rad Music International. They make music lessons and moveing lessons to young residents of the camp. The collaboration between community inside the camp is very important. we collaborate to become more strong and to bring different mood and energy to those children are stuck inside the camp. with Mobile academia has been created by OMID from Syria by supporting to Stand by Me Lesvos.

Correspondences Letters, for the children from around the world to create intercations without borders. We connect the children in exile with their emotions to across Europe by using letters.

Rad education was created to help and contribute to the support of the education system in the camp where the refugees live, so there are several organizations that help support non-formal education, in order to bridge the gap observed on the part of the government and that of the from UNICEF. Rad education is an African community school that aims to help school-aged children living in the camp benefit from education. We do not have a good space to teach, in order to educate with our own means and some donations from our partners and volunteers, we are looking for solutions to bring rad education to life in the camp. By talking about our program, we provide the children with the basic subjects which will allow them to have a global knowledge. such as: English, French, mathematics, science, geography, drawing, hygiene and music. After the big fire in the camp Moria, the new Mavrovoni camp was built temporarily so that the refugees could spend a few weeks there and be relocated elsewhere. Nobody thought of making it an educational space. Parailleur 3 months after noticing that the camp has become a place where refugees will stay there for long stays. Rad education started its activities in January of the year 2021, with a number of 15 teachers teaching with multiple difficulties and despite their living conditions inside the camp being terribly bad, but they accepted. to work as volunteers to save the community in this more than 80 students participating in the course daily.

Rad education is one of the best schools in the camp grounds of the camp which has brought a lot of changes in the daily life of African children, speaking of the difficulties they had at the beginning with the language, it can be said that ‘now they can speak English very well, which has made it easier for them to communicate with children from different communities.

We have found that the discovery of several of these children is the subject of testimonies based on the positive feedback from their parents.

Rad education isn’t just for kids. Rather also for adults, we try to help adults learn languages:

English, Greek and Lingala for Europeans.

English lesson and drawing With teacher Jen

French  lesson for Adult  with our volunteer teacher Theo

German  lesson for Adult  with our volunteer teacher Lukas and Luzi

Rad Education: A volunteers is offering english and Music lessons to students outside of the camp, in our meeting point at Siniparxi place. We believe education is our future, through education we can make better world, children are our hope, this is why we never stop teaching and trying to give children the chance to develop their skills and cultivate their dreams.  I goals is to help and support to all the children who can not join school formal or non-formal.

We say thank you to our great teachers  Jen Sherill from Chicago (USA), for your support and for your energy and time. and to M. Len for all your support.

A beautiful time with “Little Lotus learning centre Changing Stories” We draw, we danced, we sang and we enjoyed every moment with our young friends.  We practised a lot and our performance at ” One Happy FamilyCommunity Center ” was  amazing.

Everything is better when we work together.

Rad Education : Our great volunteers from Germany, they spent 2 months. They help us with the activities.

Thank you “The Flying Seagull Project” for visiting us and brings smile, joy and hope to our children.

We hope to enjoy your great show soon again. Together for the children.