Rad Education Inside the camp with Kids

Rad Education in Mytilini with Adult

Education is the key for all human beings, and Rad is actively contributing to the education of people on the move. Many refugees arrive on the island of Lesvos as their first landing point in Europe, having had limited opportunities to complete their education back in their home countries. Upon reaching the EU, each country has its own language, making it crucial for individuals to learn the language of the country they wish to stay in. In Greece, we have initiated programs to teach people how to learn Greek and emphasize the importance of mastering the language.

Language serves as a key connection facilitating communication, allowing everyone to be on the same page with local people. Our education activities, while informal, have a significant impact on the island, both adults and children lack the opportunity to attend formal schooling, particularly with the influx of newcomers in 2023 after the shipwreck of Pilos.

After June, our education program received support from UNHCR, resulting in considerable success. We welcomed numerous students who engaged in courses covering five languages: Greek, German, English, French, and Farsi. Notably, many students focused on learning German, expressing a desire to relocate to Germany. We had over 100 students in the German class from October to December. Despite less-than-ideal teaching conditions due to limited financial resources, we extend our gratitude to UNHCR. As the year concluded, we celebrated our students by awarding certificates. While some have left the island, others express a keen interest in continuing their learning journey.

Our volunteers are doing their best with a good heart to teach every single day. We aim to employ our teachers so that they can focus on long-term teaching for the people on move. As most of them currently volunteer their time, it is not always possible for them to dedicate their full attention to our students.

Rad Education was created to help and contribute to the support of the education system in the Mavrouvoni camp in Lesvos Greece, where the refugees live. Several organizations assist in supporting non-formal education to bridge the gap observed between the government and UNICEF. Rad Education, an African community school, aims to provide education to school-aged children living in the camp.

We do not have a good space to teach, but with our own means and some donations from our partners and volunteers, we are looking for solutions to bring Rad Education to life in the camp. Our program covers basic subjects, allowing the children to acquire global knowledge, including English, French, mathematics, science, geography, drawing, hygiene, and music.

After the big fire in the Moria camp, the new Mavrovoni camp was temporarily built to accommodate refugees for a few weeks before relocating them elsewhere. However, nobody thought of making it an educational space. Later, it became apparent that the camp would host refugees for long stays. In January 2021, Rad Education started its activities with 15 teachers facing multiple difficulties and despite their terrible living conditions inside the camp, they accepted to work as volunteers to serve the community. More than 80 students participate in the daily courses.

Rad Education is considered one of the best schools in the camp, making significant changes in the daily life of African children. At the beginning, they faced language difficulties, but now they can speak English very well, which has made it easier for them to communicate with children from different communities. Testimonies from parents attest to the positive impact on the children.

Rad Education, were Support by our Partner Human Riddim Care, Home for All and Siniparxi

Rad Education also contributes to adults in the Moria Camp. Before the existence of Rad Education, refugees had no opportunity to attend public schools. Many refugees inside Moria were eager to learn different skills and knew that Europe had a good education system, but it was inaccessible to them at the camp. The absence of many organizations on the island during 2017-2018 made learning the language a significant problem in the refugees’ lives, as communication is crucial between people from different cultural backgrounds.

This lack of educational opportunities led to insecurity within the Moria camp, and many people lost hope in Europe. Greek organizations like Metadrasi were coming with buses to pick up only unaccompanied minors, leaving other kids and adults completely abandoned regarding education. With limited communication, different communities took responsibility for setting up small places to educate the children. The Arabic and Afghan communities had their efforts, while the African community was represented by Rad Education.

After the fire incident at Moria camp, all the schools that were created were destroyed. The new camp, Mavrovoni, was a temporary solution to transfer people to the mainland, but the process could take a month. Once again, the refugees’ community took the responsibility of education into their own hands.

Adults, particularly members of Rad, expressed the need to learn the Greek language to facilitate communication with the local community. With the support of Siniparxi, a Greek NGO, Greek teachers started coming to teach the language. This had a significant impact, and people started expressing interest in learning more languages, leading to the expansion of Rad Education’s language programs.

Many students from various nationalities now come to our center to learn languages. All the educational activities are informal, and even after six years, there remains a problem with educating adults. There is no opportunity for them to attend universities or public schools. While many NGOs open every day to teach different languages, it is still not enough to meet the education needs of people in Greece. Proper formal training for a year or months could significantly support the integration of people on the move, but Greece still has gaps in this direction.

Certificate Day 

Rad Education offers schooling for African refugee children who reside inside the Mavrouvoni  Camp, located on the island of Lesbos in Greece. RAD Education was established after the Moria Camp burned down.

Greece is a country that hosts thousands of migrants due to its location at the European external border. The Greek education system is not strong enough to accommodate the rising numbers of refugees in public schools. That is why Rad Education’s aim is to provide refugee children with basic knowledge and education.

Today, we celebrated the certification of our students who performed very well in English. They are now ready to attend another school where they can continue their learning journey and acquire more knowledge. We express our gratitude to Güinther Jäger for the support and to our volunteers from Italy for their dedication and contributions to our program. Their efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of these refugee children, and we look forward to continuing our mission to provide them with quality education and a brighter future. Thank you Güinta Jäger and our volunteers from Italy for support.

Certificate Day for Adult education

After one year of conducting educational activities for children in the Moria Camp, the situation on the island has changed, and most families have been relocated to the mainland. However, Rad Education continues its activities with adults at our Cultural Center, contributing to the pre-integration program on the island. Language remains the key to communication between communities, and as there are many communities on the island, the lack of communication can be challenging.

We provide language classes for everyone, including English, German, French, Lingala, Portuguese, and Greek. Since the inception of our program, many people have acquired language knowledge, and we are determined to continue our efforts. Our amazing volunteer community supports the language classes, dedicating their time and effort to teaching and volunteering.

After a few months in our new space, we organized a small celebration to award our students with certificates of participation in their language classes. During the celebration, the students showcased the different activities they have learned together with their teachers. The event concluded with the awarding of certificates to acknowledge their achievements.

Children Right of Education

There are many problems that prevent refugees from integrating into Greece, and among these difficulties, education stands out as the primary concern. Greece has not established a stable education system to effectively support immigrants and refugees who arrive in the country at the end of their journey to Europe. There is a noticeable lack of UNICEF activity here on the island of Lesbos, and throughout Greece, in ensuring the right to education for all children, as indicated in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on November 20, 1959, in resolution 1387 (XIV). This declaration already contains its main principles, such as the principle of equality and non-discrimination between all children.

It is understandable when adults face challenges, but it is concerning that even children, who arrive in Europe as refugees, can end up stranded on Greek islands for more than two years without access to education. This issue is rarely addressed, and only local or European private organizations are supporting refugee children in their education.

As a result, many refugees choose to flee Greece and seek better opportunities in different countries in Northern Europe. The lack of adequate educational support for refugee children in Greece hinders their integration and access to essential rights and opportunities for a better future.

 English Classes 

Many of our beneficiaries from the camp come to learn English every single day. I have shared with them why it is important for them to learn English. Our volunteers, Valado from Greece, Elisabeth from the UK, and Jen from the USA, are doing their best to teach the language, and we are delighted to see significant improvements in our students since the first time they started coming to our space! These international and native English speakers volunteer and support Rad with their different language skills. We are grateful for their dedication and contribution to our program.

Rad Education with ukulele 

Rad Education: Our volunteers are offering English and Music lessons to students outside of the camp, at our meeting point located at Siniparxi place. We firmly believe that education is the key to our future, and through education, we can create a better world. Children are our hope, which is why we are dedicated to continuously teaching and providing them with opportunities to develop their skills and pursue their dreams. Our goal is to help and support all children who cannot attend formal or non-formal schools.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our great teachers, Jen Sherill from Chicago (USA), for your support, energy, and time, and to M. Len for all your valuable support. Your dedication is making a significant impact on the lives of these children, and we are grateful for your contributions to our educational program. Together, we strive to empower these young minds and give them the tools they need to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

German Lesson

Indeed, many people on the move have different destinations in mind, and learning German becomes essential for those who might arrive in Germany or France to start a new life. Greece is not the final destination for many of these individuals; they all have diverse dreams and aspirations to continue their journey elsewhere.

The challenge arises because most of the people are stuck on the island due to the asylum procedure. However, while they are in our center, we provide them with language lessons, giving them a valuable opportunity to learn German and other languages that will be beneficial for their future endeavors. Acquiring language skills can greatly enhance their prospects and prepare them for the next chapter of their lives beyond Greece.

English and Drawing lesson

Rad Education has established a program where every week, the kids from the camp are taken to the town to have English and drawing lessons with different volunteers. This initiative allows the children to experience a variety of teaching styles and interact with volunteers from diverse backgrounds. By offering these lessons in the town, the kids have the opportunity to explore new environments and expand their horizons beyond the camp’s boundaries.

The combination of English and drawing lessons offers a well-rounded learning experience. English language skills are essential for communication and future educational opportunities, while drawing helps the children express their creativity and emotions. Through these lessons, Rad Education aims to provide a holistic and enriching educational experience for the children, fostering their growth and development in various aspects of life.

German Lesson

This was our second promotion of German classes in our center, and the people were thrilled to continue attending the lessons. The classes were offered by our volunteers Myriam and Anna, both from Germany. Their dedication and support have been instrumental in providing valuable German language education to our students, and we are grateful for their contribution to our program. With their help, our students are making great strides in learning the language, and we look forward to seeing their progress as they continue their journey towards achieving their goals.

Correspondence Letter

Rad Education facilitates correspondence letters for children from around the world, creating interactions without borders. Through this initiative, we connect children in exile with their emotions across Europe using the power of written communication.

The process involves children from different backgrounds and locations exchanging letters with each other. This allows them to share their experiences, feelings, and thoughts, fostering empathy, understanding, and friendship despite geographical distances. By encouraging pen-pal relationships, we promote intercultural exchange and break down barriers that may exist due to displacement and migration.

Through these correspondence letters, children can find a sense of belonging and solidarity, knowing that they are not alone in their journeys. It creates a platform for them to express themselves freely, and it enables them to build connections with peers from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Rad Education believes in the transformative power of such interactions, promoting a world where young minds can embrace unity and compassion, transcending borders and fostering a shared sense of humanity.

German Lesson

That’s truly inspiring! It’s wonderful to have our  first German lesson was offered by volunteers Luzi and Lukas from Germany, and despite the less-than-ideal teaching conditions, the students were determined to learn. It just goes to show that the passion and dedication to learn a new language can overcome any challenges or limitations, and the desire to improve oneself is the most important factor in the learning process.

The commitment of both the students and the volunteers in making the most of the learning opportunity, regardless of the environment, is a testament to the importance of language education and the impact it can have on individuals seeking to build a better future for themselves. Thank you Siniparxi

Collaboration with Mobile Academy 

The Mobile Academy’s new cooperation with Rad Music International is bringing music and movement lessons to young residents of the camp. This collaboration emphasizes the importance of community within the camp, as we join forces to create a stronger and more supportive environment for the children who are stuck inside the camp.

By combining music and movement lessons, we aim to bring different moods and energy to the children, providing them with a creative outlet and an opportunity to express themselves through the arts. The partnership with Mobile Academy was initiated by OMID from Syria, with the support of Stand by Me Lesvos.

This joint effort is a testament to the power of collaboration and solidarity in bringing positive change to the lives of young refugees. We believe that through music and movement, we can create a sense of joy and hope, despite the challenging circumstances they face. Together, we strive to make a difference in the lives of these children and provide them with moments of respite and inspiration in the midst of their difficult journeys.

French Lesson

As we mentioned before, languages are the keys to many doors, and Lesvos Island has received many people. Most of these people never considered going to France, but after hearing the French language, they changed their minds and started to learn French. This was especially true for the Afghan, Syrian, and Arabic communities. They realized that it would be complicated to arrive in France without any knowledge of the French language.

Rad Education was there to support them, and we continue to offer French lessons to this day for those who want to go to France and for French speakers who want to improve their language skills. Learning French has become essential for their aspirations and future plans, and we are committed to helping them achieve their goals. the lesson was given by our friend Theo  who was volunteer at Siniparxi.


Activities with Little Lotus Learning

Spending time with “Little Lotus Learning Centre Changing Stories” was a beautiful experience. We engaged in drawing, dancing, singing, and enjoyed every moment with our young friends. Through practice and dedication, our performance at “One Happy Family – Community Center” was truly amazing.

This experience has shown us the power of teamwork and collaboration. Everything becomes better when we work together. The joy and success we achieved together with our young friends exemplify the positive impact that comes from supporting and uplifting each other. By working as a team, we can create memorable moments and meaningful experiences that enrich the lives of everyone involved. Together, we create a space where creativity, happiness, and growth can thrive.

Rad Education children’s Activities

We are grateful for the support of our amazing volunteers from Germany, who dedicated two months to help us with our educational activities. Their contribution has been invaluable in providing a positive and enriching experience for the children in our program.

Their passion, dedication, and hard work have made a significant impact on the children’s learning journey. They have brought new perspectives, skills, and energy to our organization, creating a vibrant and engaging learning environment for our young learners.

We deeply appreciate the commitment and time our German volunteers have invested in our cause. Their presence has not only enriched the lives of the children but also strengthened our community as a whole. We believe that the connections and friendships formed during their time with us will continue to make a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Thank you to our great Max and Celia  for being an integral part of Rad Education and for helping us in our mission to provide quality education and support to the children in our care. Your efforts have made a difference, and we are truly grateful for your involvement and dedication.

Flying Seagull Project Activities at Rad

Thank you, “The Flying Seagull Project,” for visiting us and bringing smiles, joy, and hope to our children. Your show was truly magical and brought so much happiness to our young learners.

We deeply appreciate the time and effort your team invested in creating a wonderful experience for the children. Your performance not only entertained but also inspired our little ones, filling their hearts with laughter and wonder.

The Flying Seagull Project’s dedication to spreading happiness and positivity is commendable, and we look forward to enjoying your great show again soon. Together, we are united in our mission to create a better world for the children, where joy and hope prevail despite the challenges they may face.

Thank you once again for your support and for making a difference in the lives of our children. Your visit has left a lasting impact, and we are grateful for the memories you’ve created with us.