Helping Refugees Stuck inside Moria Camp at the beginning of the Coranavirus pandemic

Due to the sudden start of the Coronavirus pandemic refugees inside Moria Camp were not allowed to leave. Therefore, Siniparxi provided Rad Music International food and hygiene items to distribute to the people inside the camp.

Emergency Support after Moria camp’s Fire

After the fire of Moria 1, September 2020, 13.000 people were on the street. Rad Music International provided food and water for 100 people for the first ten difficult days, before the moved to the new camp.

Help Women in shelter

Rad Music International provided Dance activities at emergency shelter for 50 women in Mytilene, after the fire of Moria 1, from October to November 2020.

Aid for Tapuaty

After the destructive fire in Camp MoriaTapuaty became a new home for many women with their children. Rad Music International decided to help the people by distributing food, clothes and other important necessities. On Christmas Day and New Years’ Day Rad Music International additionally decided to organize a small event. It consisted out of music,…

Concert of 25th July – opening of a new playground in Moria Camp

To inaugurate the new playground RAD Music International organized a concert. We taught the children of Moria Camp a Greek song in sign language. Additionally, we sang the “Solidarity” song written by RouddyKimpioka in English, French, Lingala, Farsi and Greek. That was important because we wanted everyone to understand the song’s message. The concert was…