Social Activities 2022

Social life is one of the basic need of everyone, most people don’t really take the opportunity to share social life with others people one move! as Rad is always close to people on move, we create the good opportunity to have good time to share social event with everyone, to increase our connection between different community are in the island.

Social Activities 2020

In all of our activities we mainly focus on social aid.

The first thing that comes into many migrants’ minds when they think about Europe is a stable social system. But not every country can cover migrants’ basic needs. That can be a painful experience for refugees. Often they need to manage on their own how to get social support.

As RAD Music International we are trying to support refugees inside the camp, in the town and on the mainland. Even though we cannot resolve the entire problem we are trying our best to enhance the refugees’ lives.

Social Activity is one of the important thing we all need! in Rad with our friend Char, we  are doing some social activities like Soap, Hat, body cream and Arts, to help replace people to get some knowledge they can use by themselves, to became independently, to create the own small way to get some tings to do. it better to teach people how to fish instead of giving them the fish!. we have a lot project to do can change the social life of people, but we are limited. but we will continue to do with what we have at the moment to respond to the need of people!

Social Activities, with African Community

Support By , Catholic Church in Lesvos and


Amazing team, amazing project
We are blessed to have you 🙏
Katerina Nikos, Home for All 🗣 «From the 3rd to the 13th of April ,on lesvos took place an erasmus+ program of the europian union.
A project arranged long time before, with all the difficulties covid 19 could bring, started in Larissa, continue in Strasbourg, and now on lesvos, ending on january in Germany.
Home for all was a part from the first moment in this project, responsible to organise it on lesvos.
Ecomusica refugees.
After all the years music lessons for refugees taking place in our restaurant, and the people we met, no one could organise better an amazing team of refugees to be a part of this ,than Rouddy Kimpioka , our dear friend and partner. When we ask he was so happy and Rad Music International for one more time was with us, with 16 amazing people.
For ten days, a big group of people that we didnt care whos coming from where, what is his colour or his religion, we become one, we discover the magic world of music, the beauty of giving life to things you can find at the garbage, growing the feeling of love for eachother by sharing the most important things in life. Food, be in nature, music, dance, creation.
Activities took place also in homeland and home village, we let ourselves to feel kids again, with this innocence and purity that we sometimes loose.
Thanks to marinos and drosia cafe, for the relaxing beautiful hours we spent there.
Thanks to iliahtida a.m.k.e and mosaik , offering their space, opening their door , and the beautiful cooperation.
Thanks to EcoFairly équitablement écologique , for the idea, for choosing us, for organising the project in Strasbourg and organising everything , and ly for the perfect person she is, and for the trust.
Thanks to building with earth for organized the project in Larissa, and the amazing things they do.
Thanks to EU-Projekte von FAIRbund e.V. in Leipzig for the great help, see you in Germany.
But most of all we thank you all, those you living here and you made us so happy be a part of this, those you travel from your countries to lesvos to be a part of this, all the greek people be a part of this, that we didnt know eachother before, is fantastic the way we became all one family from the first moment , amazing. We all learn, think, have fun, eat nice warm cooked food from homes for all kitchen, share the food, share experiences, share feelings, share music, find things we miss, find creativity, and find eachother.
30 people we became one family.
One more home…..for all.
Home for all beyond anything else is a philosophy, a way of living, that we share with people.»