Arts & Workshop (Adult and Kids)

Many workshops and training sessions took place at our center in 2023. We recognized that the needs of refugees on the ground extend beyond learning; they also require the skills to live a normal life. Skills play a crucial role in showcasing individuals’ interests in the job market. Through assessments, we determined that people need to be independent and equipped with skills to find and secure employment. We initiated the process by helping them create a CV and providing professional workshops.

The first professional workshop focused on working in a restaurant as a server or waiter, and it was highly successful as participants acquired valuable new skills. The workshop was conducted by our volunteer from Poland.

Following this, we decided to empower people by teaching them how to create their own CVs. We believe in empowering individuals to take charge rather than simply following instructions from an instructor.

We provide them with our volunteer a good moment people can come to have therapy moment and massage to help them if the feel pain or to relax!

At Rad, we are committed to helping people on the move become self-sufficient, transforming them into skilled individuals rather than providing temporary solutions.


A few words about the workshop:

The goal of this interactive writing and poetry workshop is to connect with ourselves, transcending social and other limitations, and realizing that our bodies have a voice too. We will delve into gender theory, discussing the given definitions and expressing our opinions, aligning them with our daily experiences.

During the workshop, we will explore the following questions:

– How would we define gender if given the opportunity?
– How do we individually perceive and express gender?
– How fluid is gender, and what obstacles might we face in our thinking and expressions?
– The role of society and its conflict with our social/biological sex.

Using rhythm and music, we will search for words to create poetic lyrics and employ various techniques to enrich our imaginations and encourage writing. Narration, melodies, and songs will serve as triggers for discussions, either brought in by participants or provided during the workshop, to highlight relevant topics.

The workshop aims to empower those who love to write but might hesitate to capture their thoughts, ideas, stories, and dreams. Participants will be encouraged to create texts, and there will be an opportunity (for those who choose) to share their work during the workshop. Through these shared experiences and reflections on gender issues, we hope to strengthen techniques that liberate the imagination and foster writing.

By the end of the workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of gender identity and expression, and through creative writing, they will be able to express themselves more authentically.

RED NOSE : The Clowns 

The “Amazing Workshop with the Clowns” held at Rad Center was a wonderful event that aimed to spread happiness and joy. The workshop included a variety of activities designed to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. It was heartwarming to see kids from both Mavrouvoni camp and Mytilini come together in collaboration with Eliaktida to join the workshop.

The main objective of the workshop was to provide support and create positive experiences for refugee children on the island. The clowns, with their fun and playful antics, created an atmosphere of laughter and delight. The event was a true celebration of togetherness, where children from different backgrounds united to share moments of happiness and friendship.

Throughout the workshop, everyone participated in various activities that encouraged creativity, laughter, and interaction. The sense of community and compassion was evident as volunteers and participants worked together to make the day truly special.

Events like this play a vital role in fostering a sense of belonging and well-being among refugee children who have faced challenging circumstances. Providing them with moments of joy and happiness can have a lasting positive impact on their lives.

The success of this workshop would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of all involved. It is heartening to see the community coming together to bring happiness and support to those in need.

With initiatives like this, the Rad Center continues to be a beacon of hope and kindness for refugees on the island, making a meaningful difference in their lives.


It was truly a remarkable experience to host The Science United Project for a training workshop for teachers with refugee/immigrant students on May 17 and 18, 2023. The aim of the workshop was to equip teachers with valuable science materials and resources for the future in Collaboration and the facilitate of workshop ChangemakerLab .

During this pilot educational activity, teachers had the opportunity to engage in experiential science teaching using the Science United Project’s science kits. These kits are specifically designed to enhance the scientific literacy of children who have experienced displacement, such as refugees or immigrants, and have faced interruptions in their education.

The program of the educational activity was as follows:

May 17, 17:00-19:30: Teacher workshop on experiential science teaching using the Science United Project kits, along with a collaborative design of a lesson plan using the kits.

For further details about the Science United Project or if you need any information or clarifications, you can get in touch with them via email at or by phone at +306974336906. The project aims to make a positive impact on the education and scientific literacy of displaced children, and your participation can contribute to this noble cause.


The “Magical Circus with Captain Frodo” event brought immense joy and laughter to both young and old residents of the Moria (Kara Tepe) refugee camp. For three days, the circus performer, Captain Frodo, created unforgettable moments at the heart of Mytilini in the Rad Music International Center.

Though entertainment and laughter cannot solve the complex challenges faced by refugees, they offer valuable moments of respite from difficult life situations. The circus performances provided a sense of magic and fun for everyone, temporarily transporting them to a world of wonder. Time seemed to stand still as the community came together, sharing in the joy and laughter.

During this special occasion, kids from the Mavrouvoni camp had the opportunity to enjoy the event and take part in the workshops conducted by Captain Frodo. The workshops took place at three different locations: the Rad center, Sapfou square, and the big parc. To ensure the children’s well-being, food and drinks were made available to all.

Moments like these are crucial in building bonds and a sense of community among people, regardless of their diverse backgrounds and concerns. The power of laughter and entertainment brings people together and offers a brief escape from the challenges they face.

While the event may not change their immediate circumstances, it surely brought light and happiness to the lives of those in the refugee camp, providing them with memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.


The workshop inside the camp is being facilitated by our amazing volunteer, who has come to support the children’s project. The volunteer is skilled in creating tools and crafts using recycled materials, providing an opportunity for the kids to engage in creative activities. We believe that fostering creativity and imagination in children is crucial, especially as an alternative to spending excessive time on phones and screens.

Through this workshop, the kids are encouraged to explore their creativity, think outside the box, and learn to use their hands and minds to create something unique. Using recycled materials not only promotes sustainability but also teaches the value of resourcefulness and ingenuity.

We understand the allure of modern technology, but we also believe that it’s essential to strike a balance and allow children to experience the joy and satisfaction of making something with their own hands. This kind of hands-on learning helps in their cognitive development, problem-solving skills, and boosts self-esteem.

Moreover, through this creative process, the children will not only learn new skills but also develop a sense of accomplishment and pride in their creations. It provides a positive and productive way for them to spend their time, fostering a love for arts and crafts.

We are grateful for the support of our dedicated volunteer, who has brought enthusiasm and creativity to the workshop, making it a memorable and enriching experience for the children. With the collective efforts of our team, we strive to create an environment that nurtures the children’s talents and empowers them with essential life skills.


Art can ACT is a performing arts group specializing in physical theatre and education. We are keen on developing projects, and the performances of this group are amazing, offering everyone the opportunity to find a space to join and experience happiness through art. Our aim is to connect with human society and embrace different political coexistence. Creativity and exchanges play the most important role in the project.

Art can ACT is committed to making a difference through the transformative power of art, promoting unity, empathy, and cooperation. We invite everyone to be a part of this journey as we continue to use the performing arts as a means to enrich lives and create meaningful connections in our shared human experience.


Lesvos folks, I’ll be facilitating this workshop next Thursday at 7 pm at RAD in Mytilene. The info-session/participatory conversation will be more psycho-educational and less process-based than the 3-part workshops we’ve been doing with individual organisations & medical groups here over the past months, but hopefully still useful.

The focus will be on psycho-social resourcing- sustainability, mitigating burnout/overwhelm, the Automic Nervous System, how stress is held in the body and basic techniques for leaning into internal/inner ‘islands of refuge’, self and co-regulation/collective ecosystems of care, transitions (for those who leave), moral injury and the dissonance of working here (in a context of systemic denial of rights, and injustice).

It also may be of use for folks who already feel resourced, but who’d like to explore more understanding of stress response/s, and the accompaniment of communities of refuge-seekers vis a vis lived experience of trauma and survival- and all the courage, tenacity and sometimes vulnerability navigated along the way.

Open to all, and all welcome

By @caoimhebutterly


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our art workshop designed for children, teenagers, and adults. Led by Margherita and Girasole, the workshop aims to create a space for self-expression and joy through the combination of music and art.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Margherita: I have a genuine passion for spending time with children, and over the years, I have been actively involved in homeschooling projects. My background lies in outdoor education, where I enjoy teaching skills of cooperation, conflict resolution in circle settings, and non-violent communication. Through the power of music, I aspire to create a healing environment where participants can freely express themselves and experience joy. Additionally, as a skilled handcrafter, I am eager to share my knowledge with both children and adults to foster creativity and self-discovery.

Girasole: As a traveler, artist, and musician, I bring a unique perspective to the workshop. My journey has led me to become an ambassador of peace, and I’m thrilled to share my knowledge about healing and creativity. I have experience in informal education and have conducted workshops on art therapy and yoga for both children and adults.

In our workshop, we will provide a supportive and nurturing environment for participants to explore their creativity and tap into their inner joy. Through a blend of music and art, we aim to unlock the potential for self-expression and personal growth.

Join us on this artistic journey where we can learn and grow together as a community. Together, let’s create a space where art becomes a medium for healing and self-discovery. See you at the workshop!


To usher in a new era at Rad Music International, we’re initiating a relaxed monthly movie night. The objective is to bring people together, facilitating connections and fostering discussions inspired by real stories. Through these stories, we aim to explore how we might respond when confronted with similar situations. We’ve already showcased two distinct films: “DO THE RIGHT THING” and “JUST MERCY.”

Simultaneously, attendees have the opportunity to peruse a selection of books. These books, available for borrowing, serve as valuable resources to delve deeper into the historical context. The first movie in focus, “DO THE RIGHT THING,” prompts reflection on ethical choices and actions. The second, “JUST MERCY,” delves into themes of justice and the fight against racial inequity.

We extend our gratitude to #an_antiracist_library for collaborating with us to bring this event to life at the Rad Center. Visitors will have the chance to explore the library’s collection, gaining access to an array of insightful books that further enrich their understanding of history and social issues.


“Our Library” is pleased to announce that we will be opening our doors to everyone who wants to discover new worlds through books. We believe in the power of literature to transport us to different realms, inspire our imagination, and broaden our perspectives.

Join us this Friday from 16:00 to 17:30 for a special event where you can bring and describe your favorite book. We encourage you to share the magic of your beloved stories with others and help them embark on literary journeys they might not have experienced before.

This project is organized by μπρινή Μπλάτσιου our  passionate book lovers who want to create a welcoming space for bibliophiles and encourage a culture of reading in our community.

So, if you have a book that has touched your heart, challenged your thoughts, or simply made you fall in love with reading, don’t miss this opportunity to share it with fellow book enthusiasts. We can’t wait to explore the worlds of imagination with you! See you on Friday at 16:00-17:30 at our Rad Library.

First Workshop 2023

We invite you to a 2-days theatre workshop: we will enjoy storytelling, we will embody our stories and we will collectively co-create new ones. We will explore how the stories can be transformed on stage and how these resonate in the audience: in a performatory, collective and participatory process.
We will work with theatre games, exercises, improvisation and drama activities from methodologies of participatory theatre: Image Theatre, Forum Theatre, Playback Theatre to connect, tell and acknowledge each other’s stories, to co-create and transform new ones collectively.
The workshop is open to anyone, and no previous theatre experience is required.
A basic knowledge of English is suggested.

WenDo – Workshop Self-defense For Women

We are thrilled to present our WenDo workshop – a self-defense program designed specifically for women, by women. If you have ever experienced uncomfortable situations like being spoken to rudely on the street, facing harassment, feeling afraid to go out in the dark, or even being physically attacked, then this workshop is for you.

WenDo empowers women of all ages and backgrounds, whether you are fearful or brave, pregnant or not, athletic or not, with or without disabilities. Our program is inclusive, ensuring that every woman feels welcome and supported.

During the workshop, we will discuss various strategies for self-protection and equip you with practical skills to use your body and voice effectively in self-defense situations. The focus is on empowering you with the confidence and tools to assert yourself and protect your personal boundaries.

Our goal is not only to teach physical techniques but also to strengthen your awareness of potential dangers and your intuition. We believe that every woman has the right to feel safe and secure in her daily life.

WenDo is more than just a self-defense workshop; it is a space for women to come together, support one another, and build a strong sense of community. We understand that self-defense extends beyond physical actions; it is also about creating a culture of respect and empowerment.

The workshop provides a safe and supportive environment for you to practice and refine your self-defense skills. Our experienced instructors will guide you through exercises and scenarios to build your self-confidence and ability to protect yourself.

Join us for this empowering and transformative WenDo workshop. Together, we will learn, grow, and stand tall in our power as women. Let’s build a world where every woman feels strong, safe, and capable of defending herself.

Sharing Cultural Workshop

We are delighted to extend our warmest invitation to our final cultural sharing workshop of the year. Join us as we come together to celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures from around the world.

In this workshop, we will explore the fascinating realms of Music, Dance, and Food from different countries. Through engaging discussions and arts activities, we will immerse ourselves in the beauty of various cultural traditions.

Music has the power to transcend borders and connect us at a soulful level. We will have the chance to listen to and learn about traditional music from different parts of the world. Feel free to share your favorite tunes and dance along as we celebrate the vibrant rhythms of various cultures.

Dance is another captivating expression of culture. During the workshop, we will have the opportunity to learn some dance steps from different countries, letting our bodies sway to the beats of the world.

And of course, no cultural exploration would be complete without delving into the delectable world of international cuisine. Let’s share our favorite recipes, learn about traditional cooking methods, and indulge in a feast of flavors.

This workshop is a safe and inclusive space where everyone’s cultural contributions are valued and appreciated. It is a chance to foster understanding, build bridges, and celebrate the unique tapestry of our global community.

No matter where you come from or what your background is, your presence and participation are invaluable. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, a cultural enthusiast, or simply curious to learn more about the world, we welcome you with open arms.

Come join us for an unforgettable experience of cultural exchange, camaraderie, and celebration. Let’s make this final workshop of the year a truly memorable and joyous occasion. We can’t wait to see you there!

Workshop Mime and Movement N0 5

You are cordially invited to our Mime and Movement workshop, where we offer a unique opportunity to express your feelings and thoughts through the power of movement. If you find yourself seeking an escape from your daily life routine or a way to unleash your creativity, this workshop is tailor-made for you.

During the workshop, we will use simple mime techniques, imagination, and humor to create small situations that reflect both the daily life routine and our dreams. Through movement and expression, you will have the freedom to explore and communicate your emotions and ideas without the need for words.

No prior experience is necessary to participate in this workshop. The only skills you need are an open mind and a willingness to let your body become a vessel for your emotions. Whether you are a seasoned performer or someone who has never explored mime and movement before, this workshop is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all.

As we meet and collaborate, we will create a supportive and nurturing environment where participants can feel comfortable expressing themselves authentically. Mime and movement have the power to transcend language and cultural barriers, allowing us to connect on a deeper level as we explore shared human experiences.

Through this transformative journey, we hope to provide a space where you can find a sense of release, rejuvenation, and connection. Join us as we use the language of movement to express the joys, struggles, and dreams of life. Embrace the opportunity to let your creativity flow, and together, let’s explore the magic of mime and movement. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Arts in our Center in Mytilini

Here is our wonderful and amazing art teacher, Basila, from Congo RDC and Hara from Iran, who is volunteering in Rad to share his knowledge and creativity. Art is indeed a powerful medium to convey messages and emotions. It’s heartwarming to know that Basila is using his art to cope with the stress of his journey and also to inspire others.

Unfortunately, as an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to see or display images, so I can’t directly look at Basila’s work. However, I can appreciate the value of art in fostering creativity and self-expression, especially when taught by talented teachers like Basila.

It’s great that your space has such creative and talented teachers, fostering an environment where people can explore their artistic abilities. Art has a unique way of connecting people, transcending language and cultural barriers, and bringing communities together.

Through our collaboration with the local community, our friend Chara is creating art using different tools and supporting Rad with many of her creations, including clothes and soap, among others.

By collaborating together, we try to expand our work to promote each other’s efforts and empower refugee artists as well.


We are excited to extend an invitation to our 3-day THEATRE WORKSHOP, where we will explore the power of theatre games and activities as tools for acknowledging and expressing our emotions and stories. During this workshop, we will create a safe and inclusive space where participants can collectively engage in a participatory process.

Through various theatre methodologies, including Image Theatre, Playback Theatre, and elements of Dramatherapy, we will delve into the world of non-verbal communication to connect with one another on a deeper level. These activities will allow us to explore our personal and collective emotions and stories in a creative and expressive manner.

No previous theatre experience is required to join the workshop; it is open to anyone with a desire to explore and share through the art of theatre. Our focus will be on the process rather than the final outcome, creating a supportive environment where everyone’s voice and experiences are valued.

English language proficiency at a basic level is suggested, as it will enable effective communication and understanding during the workshop.

By participating in this transformative experience, we hope to foster a sense of connection, empathy, and mutual respect within the group. Theatre has the unique ability to unite individuals, transcending language and cultural barriers, and this workshop seeks to harness that power to create a meaningful and enriching experience for all.

Join us for this journey of self-discovery, expression, and collective storytelling. Together, we will create an unforgettable experience where we can explore our emotions, honor our stories, and celebrate the power of human connection through theatre. See you at the workshop!

First Aid Training

First Aid Training is a crucial skill that can make a significant difference in emergency situations and save lives. By collaborating with BRF Lesvos to organize the training at Rad Music International’s place, participants had the chance to learn essential techniques and protocols for providing immediate medical assistance.

Learning First Aid equips individuals with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively to various medical emergencies, such as injuries, accidents, or sudden illnesses. Whether it’s administering CPR, applying bandages, or handling burns, these skills can be critical in stabilizing a person’s condition until professional medical help arrives.

By offering such training at Rad Music International’s place, the organization demonstrated its commitment to the well-being and safety of the community it serves. Providing access to valuable training like this not only benefits the participants but also contributes to building a more resilient and prepared community.

In emergency situations, the ability to take immediate action can be life-saving, especially in environments where professional medical help might be far away or not readily available. Empowering individuals with First Aid skills can also foster a sense of responsibility and empowerment within the community.

Overall, this collaboration between Rad Music International and BRF Lesvos for the First Aid Training highlights the importance of building partnerships and creating opportunities for learning and growth within the community. It sets an excellent example of how organizations can work together to address essential needs and contribute to the well-being of the people they serve.


We are thrilled to invite you to our second Social Theater Workshop, which is based on the principles of theater of the oppressed. This workshop aims to use theater as a tool for social change, empowerment, and collective expression.

During the workshop, we will engage in various socialization games and theatrical improvisation exercises to foster creativity, build trust, and encourage collaboration among participants. Through the analysis of rituals and roles, we will explore the dynamics of society and how certain behaviors and expectations impact our lives.

Moreover, we will focus on choosing specific words and stories that hold significant meaning in the context of our participants’ experiences. These stories will serve as the foundation for creating theater-image actions and theatrical scenes that reflect the lived realities of the participants.

Throughout the workshop, we will encourage active participation from everyone, blurring the lines between performers and spectators. The concept of “spect-actors” will be central to our approach, as the audience becomes part of the performance and has the opportunity to intervene and influence the unfolding of the scenes during the final forum theater show.

By blending creativity, personal stories, and social commentary, we aim to create a powerful and transformative theatrical experience. Our goal is to explore the challenges and aspirations of our community and inspire positive change through artistic expression and shared dialogue.

Organised by Cristina Barbara

First workshop at RAD Center 

The first workshop at Rad Center in July 2022 is an exciting and essential initiative that addresses a significant gap in the lives of refugees on the island. By providing guidance on how to write a CV, Rad is empowering refugees with the skills and knowledge necessary to increase their chances of finding employment, which is crucial for their future and integration into the local community.

While Rad has been successful in providing basic needs such as food and clothing, it recognizes the importance of helping refugees secure employment to achieve greater self-sufficiency and independence. Writing an effective CV is a vital step in the job-seeking process, as it highlights a person’s skills, qualifications, and experiences to potential employers.

With the collaboration of volunteer Pasidod, Rad is taking a practical approach to address this need. Teaching refugees how to create their own CVs, even using their own smartphones, is a brilliant way to make this valuable skill accessible to everyone. By using new tools and technology, refugees can easily create and update their CVs as they gain more experience or skills.

Not only does this workshop provide practical guidance on writing a CV, but it also emphasizes the importance of understanding what employers are looking for. By including relevant skills and experiences, refugees can increase the chances of catching the attention of potential employers and securing job interviews.

By facilitating such workshops, Rad Music International and its partners are making a significant positive impact on the lives of refugees. They are equipping them with essential skills that can lead to better employment prospects and a brighter future. Empowering refugees in this way not only benefits the individuals but also contributes to the overall integration and prosperity of the community as a whole.


The workshop on the creativity of beauty stuff, facilitated by Rad in collaboration with Chara Paneli from the local community, is a wonderful initiative that promotes integration and empowers refugees in multiple ways.

Firstly, such workshops provide an excellent opportunity for refugees to learn new skills, particularly in the beauty and cosmetics industry. By acquiring these skills, they can gain a sense of independence and self-sufficiency, which is crucial for their future livelihoods. Starting their own small businesses allows them to generate income and contribute to the local economy, further fostering integration and self-reliance.

Additionally, the workshop serves as a bridge that brings together people from different backgrounds, creating a space for cultural exchange and understanding between refugees and members of the local community. This kind of interaction can break down barriers and stereotypes, promoting empathy and cohesion in the community.

Furthermore, empowering refugees with knowledge and skills is an essential step towards their successful integration into the local society. As they become active participants in the community, they are more likely to build meaningful connections and relationships with the locals, leading to a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone involved.

The initiative taken by Rad and Chara Paneli not only addresses the immediate needs of refugees but also has a long-term impact on their lives. It fosters a sense of agency and purpose, allowing them to envision a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Overall, workshops like these exemplify the power of collaboration and the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities alike. By working together and sharing knowledge, Rad and the local community contribute to building a stronger, more integrated society where refugees are supported and empowered to thrive.

Sport activities inside Mavrouvoni Camp with kids are crucial for their development.

We acknowledge that sports play an essential role in our daily lives, as all our movements involve physical activity, which is vital for our health.

As RAD Music International, we consider it our mission to help the children within the camp engage in sports for their personal growth. We offer a variety of activities like soccer and basketball, which not only keep them physically active but also teach valuable life skills. Through sports, the refugees learn to appreciate their bodies and work together as a team. We firmly believe that sports can positively influence the way we think and act, making a significant impact on the children’s health.

Sport is akin to our everyday food, nourishing both the body and the mind.

Football match with local team to increase the integration of refugees to the local society.