Arts & Sports activities

Art is a message, with our amazing teacher of Art Basila, from Congo RDC, is volunteering in Rad, is trying to give the best of is knowledge! ” for him it’s the way to get out the stress of is journey”  Look some of is work!


we have alot of creativities in our space, with the talent teachers

With our activities, we acknowledge that sport plays an important role in our daily lives. All our movements are sport and therefore important for our health.

As RAD Music International we see it as a mission to help the children inside the camp to practice sport for their personal growth. We offer a variety of sport activities like soccer and basketball. Especially through sport the refugees learn how to appreciate their own bodies and work together as a team. That is why we believe that sport can change the way we think and act and it can have an important impact on the children’s health.

Sport is just like our everyday food.